THANK YOU Registrars

Apr 18, 2024

📢 Public shoutout 📢
The Corpus executive committee would like to send a MASSIVE public shoutout to our Registrars! 👏
Since Winter 2024 basketball registrations opened, Rebecca and Hayley have been working overtime (literally), fielding calls at all hours, assisting with registration, allocating teams, and allocating participants in PlayHQ, to, at the end of the day, ensure our wonderful participants can take the court. ⛹️‍♀️⛹️‍♂️
💬 Some may not know this, but these wonderful women have allocated just shy of 700 individuals to teams, including coaches, team managers, and those playing two games.
This is unfortunately a manual process.
And….there are more to follow. 👀
🏀 For future seasons, to help our team, we kindly ask that registrations be completed as soon as possible. This will alleviate last-minute chaos and panic.
Thank you, Rebecca & Hayley.
🧡 You truly are Angels 😇